Gloji Seaberry and Ginseng

I’m a big fan of juices great and small, and when I heard that Gloji was doing some new juice flavors, I was all ready to sign up and review. My fetish for all things juice is surpassed by my propensity for juice in strange flavors, so I’ve put together a small list of things that a seaberry is and what a seaberry is not today.

For instance.

A seaberry grows on a bush, but will not scare you away like a bush scares Butters in South Park.
A seaberry is not made in the ocean.
A seaberry is also a place in the magical world of Strawberry Shortcake. Buy her merchandise. Buy it all.
A seaberry is a potential cure for cancer.
A seaberry is not a euphemism for anything sexual on Urban Dictionary. Yet.This drink is an interesting one, though, and even more interesting is the bottle. Not only is it a fine specimen of a receptacle for things like potting soil for plants or urine collection for the hip hobos on the streets, but it’s…lightbulb shaped, inspiring this photo.
It was very hard to take. But it still looks like I’m churning out ideas by the dozen.

The drink itself was interesting. I was intrigued to and immediately drawn to the color, which might also attract some buyers, along with the pleasing shape of the bottle, is a lovely orange yellow, that changes in the light. It’s opaque and looks thick, even inside the bottle, and I couldn’t wait to crack it open and try it out.

The drink is thick, almost like a nectar than a juice, and has a vaguely sweet scent. The flavor is interesting, and very different. It’s salty. It tastes like a hybrid of a tomatillo, mango, and a few apricots, but made into a steak sauce or a glaze for meats. It doesn’t taste like it’s supposed to be had as a juice drink or accompanied by something sweet. Although there were definite sweet notes, the predominant flavor was a savory beverage.I liked the mouthfeel of this. It was very complex and the layers of salty and sweet were definitely interesting, but I can’t see this drink as being a multi-functional drink for the average person to carry around and just have as something to sip on unless accompanied by something special to offset the flavor. I looked up the seaberry and this is what they were supposed to taste like. It’s not that it was a bad flavor, but I would have rather had something mixed in with it to cut down the natural flavor of the seaberry.

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