Walker’s Shortbread Assortment

Recently, I was sent an assortment of Walker’s Shortbread to try out. I have some really fond memories of shortbread, from traveling around the UK, so when I ate this, it brought back some great memories.Walker’s Shortbread is a classic and simple treat, but can be jazzed up really easily to fit any occasion. With each shape of cookie, one can indulge with the bare minimum- simply the cookie, or any array of toppings, and the cookie’s buttery flavor adapts well to any number of flavors. I dipped it in coffee, hot cocoa, ice cream, pudding. The cookie is fragile, so I might not recommend the sticks for topping, but the rounds and triangles were of a substantial weight.The flavor is really top-notch, with a rounded, buttery flavor. It’s smooth, and leaves a slight tang in your mouth, and the cookies crumble instantly. I like these, and would definitely want to try ones with other toppings already in them. As far as the shapes went, there was no differentiation in between them, aside from the size that dipped into my glass- the stick was, by far, the most practical, but I liked the rounds the best. Each one has a prettily designed top. I was a little disappointed, however, by the promising of sugar on top of the triangles, hoping for a slight irregularity in texture, and none was found. Overall, though, a good snack to indulge upon!

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