Cadbury Mini Eggs

Everyone gets these around Easter, or, for most of us, when it stopped snowing and it hit March, these hit Walgreens and everyone went nuts. I mean, they’re absolutely irresistible. When I see these, it really is the first sign of spring for me. You can screw the robins and crocuses. I want the Cadbury Mini Eggs.What they are, essentially, is Cadbury’s best dairy milk chocolate in an egg shape, with a candy shell around it in a springy color, but the shell is what really makes the treat. It’s not like an M&M, shiny and shellacked, and it doesn’t have that generic sugar flavor. It’s vanilla, malty, with ton of crisp, and thicker than the average shell on most candy coated chocolates.The chocolate is a pretty interesting story. It’s an extremely creamy and rich flavor, despite being an American subsidiary of Hershey, whom we all know makes relatively lame chocolate, and is well crafted and tasty. It doesn’t have a lot of depth to it, but it’s still a fantastic taste, and is very thick once it melts. I’d love to use these in a cookie or cake to see how they’d cook because of the chocolate’s quality.

Overall, it’s a tasty treat and a filling one at that. I’m easily satisfied with one of these bags, as it has anywhere from 15-17 eggs, and that’s more than enough for me.

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