Oscar Mayer Deli Creations: Steakhouse Cheddar

In the world of heatable lunches, I think sandwiches reign supreme. I mean, there’s no beating a sandwich, period, because of the options that you get with one. Like a pizza, it’s just endless. So, how are the bottom-tier ones, the ones you have to eat because you’re pressed for time or confined to a desk?I tried an Oscar Meyer Deli Creations sandwich, of the Steakhouse Roast Beef variety. A while back, I reviewed the Honey Ham and Swiss and was relatively nonplussed, so I was interested to see how this one would fare in my book.

I microwaved the bread and cheese, a white sub roll with cheddar cheese, and it came out looking decent, but skimpy on the dairy end. If you include it in the title of the sandwich, put more on. The meat was thin up until the last piece, which was like a freakishly thick slice of roast beef. It looked relatively tasty and slightly marbled, which was a good sign. Popping a piece in my mouth, it wasn’t too salty and had a nice chew to it without being gristly. I put the mayo on and then the meat, and then the steak sauce. There was a good amount of meat for me to eat a slice and still have an ample amount to fill the sandwich, which is good for those of us who enjoy overstuffed sandwiches.
While eating it, I really couldn’t taste the cheese- a disappointing factor considering the package’s photos were dripping with it. In fact, the dominating flavor was the steak sauce, which was a sweet, not quite barbecue, cinnamony sauce that dripped all over the sandwich and never really soaked in. I didn’t like the sauce at all. I thought that it collided with the saltiness of everything else and that it was too overpowering within the sandwich. Aside from that, the other ingredients were good. The bread microwaved without getting mushy, and had a nice buttery flavor to it. I wished there was more crunch, but for a refrigerator lunch, it ain’t bad bread.

The value sucks- even comparing it to fast food sub shops, it’s $3.49 for about 5 inches of sandwich, and the flavors are pretty average. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other flavors to see if this mediocrity is across the board or just within this flavor. Either way, though, I wasn’t a fan of the sauce. Have you tried the Deli Creations? I know there are other types of sandwiches like flatbreads and focaccia. Did you like them?

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  1. I generally grab them at my university’s convenience store because it’s the only place for groceries on campus that takes the cash on my card, and I can’t withdraw it because it’s in the school account now. And all the prices are jacked up! :/

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