The Vitamin Water Challenge, Part 2: Orange

Okay, guys. If you remember the last Vitamin Water Challenge, it was apparent that the brand name really did trump the little guy. But what about a new flavor? Today’s challenge is the Vitamin Water Orange versus the Kirkland Signature Orange Mango. Will the new flavor addition save the day? Or is the power of marketing just too clever and honed to be defeated?The two flavors start out differently and end differently. Cup B is a violent orange color, the kind reserved for Pauly D and most carrots, and Cup A deviates more towards a yellow-orange, sunnier color. Both are scented mildly, to the point where I can’t tell which is which. That’s a good sign.Cup A is orange flavored, and reminds me of drinking a watered down Hi-C. Like if you leave a glass of it out in the sun with some ice, it’ll taste like this. It’s orangey, but very subtle and diluted in flavor. Only when you drink the entire bottle at once does it then start to taste a little more flavorful.Cup B is definitely the orange mango. There’s much more flavor, but it still retains the same density as the water and doesn’t get syrupy or bogged down, and the mango flavor is delicious and mixes really well with the orange. Both flavors are present within the drink and neither one takes a spotlight over the other. There’s an even balance of sweetness, too, whereas if the orange flavor is too natural, it will get bitter, or just taste too sugary. This one retains the fruit’s characteristics without getting too much like a kid’s juice box.Aaaaaand, the verdict. Cup A was Vitamin Water, Cup B was Kirkland Signature. Are you surprised at how much better it tasted? I am, especially with the results of the last Vitamin Water Challenge. It’s nice to see the underdog win once in a while. I think I’m the winner overall, because I get to enjoy these waters and this gorgeous day, but for the sake of the challenge…


Delish! I’m pleased with this one and, once again, no calories! Until the next challenge, (two flavors left!) I’m the Foodette!

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