Archie Moore’s, New Haven, CT

Over Spring Break, I got a chance to try one of Connecticut’s iconic foodie landmarks, Archie Moore’s. Known for their amazing wings, I went one night with my father and his girlfriend to see if they stood up to Wings Over.

We ordered a few appetizers to share, and that ended up being wings for all and the buffalo chicken dip. Having made a dip like that before, I was excited to see what kind of flair Archie Moore’s would put on it. (And yes, these are bad photos, but I didn’t have the camera on me.)The dip came served with tortilla chips, and was made with chunks of chicken, bleu cheese, and the signature hot sauce. It was probably one of the worst dips I’d ever had. It stayed at a median temperature of 4,000 degrees for the entire time that I had it and if I didn’t blow on it for five minutes with a vacuum, it scorched my mouth like buffalo napalm. The flavor was completely overpowering with the bleu cheese. It didn’t seem like they’d used any other flavors to remove the intensity and tang from that, like cream cheese or ranch dressing. There was a ton of chicken, but it was definitely out of a can. I’d bet my money on it, and the chips were straight out of a bag and stale to boot. I choked on one and had to drink a pitcher of water to take the bad flavor away.

Oh, yeah, and it’s a buffalo dip. The only indication of buffalo was a weak vinegar scent, and a slight orange tint to the sauce. For a restaurant that boasts a hearty buffalo sauce, this was not the best dish to get a feeling of that. I’d just make my own next time, because this was pretty bad.After that, I was a little worried to see what the wings would be like. I asked for them to be all flats, and within ten minutes, they came out crispy and sizzling. The sauce had soaked into the wings and left no residue on the outside. Unlike Buffalo Wild Wings, this wasn’t as thick or as messy. The wings were cooked perfectly, each one very crispy and savory on the outside, and there was no breading on them, so the flavor simply relied on the skin’s natural taste and the sauce. I like that.The wings fell right off the bone, and on the inside of each one, there was an orange color from where the sauce had soaked in. The sauce was great. It wasn’t very hot, but it was an excellent texture and had a fantastic paprika, vinegar, and peppery taste that made me wish that I’d ordered more than seven wings. They definitely rivaled Wings Over!Archie Moore’s has other dishes, too, but I strongly advise going with what they’re famous for. It seems like the focus and concentration with the wings really takes away from their overall dining experience. So if you’re a wing connoisseur, dig in, but if you like burgers and fries, there are many better bars and pubs in New Haven, like Sage or Wing Madness.

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