VitaMuffin Chocolate Mint VitaTop AND CONTEST!

I want groupies.

I mean, there must be some chicks, or even a few gorgeous guys out there, who are willing to pull off their VitaTops for me and show me that they’ve tattooed or written “Foodette Reviews” on their chests. Or arms.

Here’s the deal: send your photos, with Foodette Reviews written anywhere on your body, and I’ll pick the best ones for a special prize. It will be something delightful and delicious from my coffers. Extra points for curly, twirly script and drawings that look like old sailor’s tattoos.

You have until 11:59 PM EST, SATURDAY, MAY 8TH to email all your submissions to and then, the winners will be posted on the site. I’m not responsible for ink poisoning or sudden crushes from the same or opposite sex flocking towards your sick tat.

On another note, I’m reviewing a different kind of VitaTops today, the kind that’s rarely featured on Girls Gone Wild. This is a natural and delicious snack from VitaMuffins, who makes all sorts of delicious and healthy treats perfectly portioned at just 100 calories apiece. In Paris Hilton math, that’s half a muffin top a day!

Today’s VitaTop is a chocolate mint. Having a well-known affinity for all things Girl Scout, I gravitated towards this and the peanut butter chip VitaTop and geared up for a fantastic snack. This is a pretty big snack, too, roughly the diameter of one of the dining common’s dessert plates or Gollum’s eyes, clocking in at around three inches. As I opened it, I immediately smelled a fresh, minty aroma, and knew that this would be sumptuous.The cake part is fluffy and moist, just like a real muffin. I know that with some lower calories muffins, texture is compromised, but not here. It’s cakey and substantial and there’s a multitude of chocolate chunks spotting the entire surface of the muffin.

The flavor is identical to a Thin Mint. Seriously. But it’s like the one Girl Scout of the bunch who could beat everyone up, Scout Mum included. It’s packed with a ton of vitamins, including 4 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and 50% of your daily serving of iron. In a muffin top! After eating this for a snack, I was full for a good hour and felt like I could stay full for a little while more. It’s very chocolatey and minty, and neither flavor dominates over the other. The mint makes it refreshing and just adds to the overall wonder of this snack. I could feel just fine eating two or three of these for breakfast and enjoying it.My only real criticism of this is that because they’re all natural and lack preservatives, they have to be frozen at all times, but that’s easily rectified with a quick thaw or 30 seconds in the microwave. These feel really versatile and I think they’d make great desserts just as they do breakfasts and snacks. VitaMuffins also has a wide range of other products and recipes for an endless array of variety. I’m keeping this snack in the books.

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