Nu South Strawberry Lemonade

Here’s a nice, cooling drink for the summer, sent by Nu South, a flavored lemonade beverage company. It’s a bright pink drink with lemonade and strawberries, two of the heat’s favorite things. If only they found a way to add in a pool float, it would be perfect.The drink is very cool and refreshing, and I like the fact that the company has many varieties of lemonade from different states, like Georgia to represent their peach lemonade. This lemonade represents Alabama. The color might be a little artificial for some, and it definitely imparts some of that in the taste. It’s bright pink, like the color of the terrible sunburn my face now sports, with a little eye area sectioned off in the shape of my Wayfarers. There’s a predominantly floral, tangy flavor from the combination of the tastes, and it reminded me a little of Red Robin’s freckled lemonade, but with less fruity flavor and more lemon. It tasted a lot like red gummy bears.The lemonade flavor wasn’t extraordinary, but it definitely imparted a good, sour flavor that made the drink far less saccharine than it would have been. It cut the sweetness and helped, but the overall texture of the drink is a bit syrupy. I could see myself ordering this in a restaurant and not minding that, but in a retail bottle, I want something a little less sugary.

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