Capri Bleu Goat Cheese

Hey, guys, sorry for the eternally later and later posts. I’ve been packing and unpacking boxes and have relatively uninteresting, vaguely adult-like responsibilities to fulfill to counteract my drinking bottled wine and lounging about in silk robes in my spare time. I definitely need a smoking jacket.

Here’s a classy cheese for classy ladies. Or men. Or children. I had it a while ago, but have only gotten around to reviewing it now. It’s a classic bleu cheese, but it’s goat cheese, and that makes it doubly delicious. I gave some to my friend, Wiener Woman, and she loved it. It didn’t give her a cigarette holder or an instant air of pretension, but she still thought it was fantastic.The cheese is smartly rolled in a nice log, which makes it perfect for slicing as a presentation to get some of the pretty rind in or easy to slice and crumble. It crumbles well, in relatively fine pieces that maintain a nice, smooth saltiness, almost like feta, but with a slight chalkiness at the end. It’s a very creamy cheese. If I’d had a better kitchen at Chez Crabtree, perhaps I’d have made a homemade bleu cheese dip for my haute wings for dinner club, but alas, it was not to be. Instead, I sat in my dad’s old bathrobe and gnawed it with Reserve Saltines, aged to perfection in my food file cabinet. There was no veining in the cheese, surprisingly, but I liked that because I don’t really like too much of that saturated flavor. Overall, though, really delicious and really classy, like a vintage Playboy magazine or an old antimacassar. Good schtuff.

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