Harvest Hot Crunch

Dollar store selections are pretty hit or miss. Of course, I’m talking about pregnancy tests. Two for a dollar? What a deal! I’ve stocked up into the next week. You never know when those will come in handy. I can use them like MacGuyver.

But even more worrisome is the food selection. You have your standard potted meat, please, I’ve tried that shit, but then you get to the creepy snacks, like the Barbie gummies where the faces are all melted off from the heat or the potato snacks with Bible verses on every bag. It’s hard to find something edible and with less of a 70% chance of food poisoning.Swagger and I took an adventure, though, and managed to weed through the irregulars to find the almighty Hot Crunch. What is Hot Crunch, you ask? It’s the poor man’s Flamin’ Cheetos, or so I thought. No, they were better. Where the Cheetos were sprayed with a good red to make them at least visible from outer space, the Hot Crunch was practically nuclear. There was flavor dust all over these babies, and it was delicious. The crunch was soft, but not mushy, and there were pieces ranging from a few inches long to tiny pieces on the bottom of the bag that you’d tip into your mouth.The heat in these was pretty lingering, too. These weren’t wimpy or skimpy, in my opinion. There was a good cheese flavoring underneath the heat, and a slight vinegar tang, but these were mainly just hot and delicious. The entire bag was almost completely filled and lasted about two days at the Foodette compound. A good purchase for its flavor and value.

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