Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Jalapeno Smokehouse

Gigi covered the nut jokes with yesterday’s review on Sehale barbecue almonds, but damn it, I am going to try as hard as I can to keep this review clean. Not gonna happen. Besides, I already used up all my good nut jokes on CH by telling him I was going to go photograph my nuts and post them on the internet.

So the nuts that I’ve tried today are supposedly “bold.” I’m a bold person. My neighbor once described me as “not the ass-wiping type” for a job interview. So, being a fan of a spicy and barbecue combination, I was intrigued. Swagger has also tried to get me onto eating more almonds, because he’s a fan of snacking on them while he works. The serving size for these is thirty, and to be quite honest, that’s enough for me. There are quite a lot in the canister, too. I thought thirty would deplete the supply for sure and allow three or four servings at the most, but I find that there’s roughly six servings, enough to eat alone, little by little, or share with friends.People, these are damned good nuts. What I like about the entire product like is the ingenuity in flavors. There’s a Maui onion and garlic one I’d love to try, and the spicy ones are very flavorful and are indeed, somewhat bold, but they’re more bold in flavor than intensity.Opening the canister, I immediately smelled the ever-present scent of roller derbies, casino food courts, and monster truck rallies. Not sweat, shame, or Yankee Candle, but cheap barbecue chips. Really, really cheap chips. And a slightly spicy aroma, too. The almonds are crispy and nice to eat, but the first nut is really the only spicy one. It’s the strongest in heat of all the varieties, but as far as a lasting burn goes, there isn’t much of one at all. To their credit, there’s a very seamless transition between the two flavors, neither one being too vinegary or too smoky, and the smokiness did taste like it would have gone well with potato chips. I’m not sure if I’d buy this exact flavor again, because I was looking for something a little spicier, but it’s a very flavorful and savory snack that I’m intrigued to see more of.

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  1. oh yeah, these are good. The Wasabi ones are better. 🙂 Though they’re still not as pungent as I would like, but I’ll forgive then cause anything wasabi is a win. Except Peas. yeah, we try to forget that pairing.

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