Three Sister’s Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Here’s another selection from Three Sister’s Chocolate, in this case, a bag of their chocolate covered popcorn. When I go to the movies, I can’t say that I’m a big fan of popcorn. At the exorbitant rates, it’s much easier for me to go to the Walgreens across the street, stuff my pants with Arizona Iced Tea and gummy bears, and try to convince the movie gestapo that I’m pregnant.This is a popcorn that I’d be perfectly happy eating shirtless in lounge pants, something that the cinema no longer allows me to do, and enjoy it with a movie of my own, like Dr. Strangelove or a good episode of Daria. For a small bag, there’s a lot of popcorn in here. The pieces were stuck together in bits of six, eight, or ten, with a thick layer of chocolate, almost leaning towards a truffle or bar than simply earning the designation of “covered.”The chocolate is very smooth and rich, imparting an intensely chocolatey flavor on the popcorn without getting brittle or waxy, and it bites off cleanly. The popcorn is salty and buttery and seems to be comprised entirely of mushroom pieces, or the giant spheres of popcorn that are usually best for coated flavors. For a very simple concept, this was executed perfectly, and I found myself really craving it as I ate. Even in the individual pieces, I never encountered a bite that wasn’t entirely coated in chocolate. It was wonderful and yielded a perfect balance of salty and sweet. I’d love to see more flavor combinations executed with this level of artistry, because I enjoyed eating this a lot.

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