Cocoa Dolce Wine Truffles

I harbor an ardent appreciation for alcohol, I’d say. Sure, I love a good G and T, but for someone my age, I can’t say I’ve ever passed out and woken up topless covered in vomit and underpants next to someone named Dirk, or done a keg stand, or found myself featured in Facebook photos involving wet t-shirts, bears, and sweet tongue action. Doing any of those things scares me more than perusing the makeup section of a store for mascara.

From an early age, I’ve grown up to appreciate and cultivate a knowledge and love for wine, courtesy of my father. This has made me even more popular in my early adulthood, especially at parties. I waltz around telling people to discuss the nose on their Natty Lite and ogle the legs on the sides of the glass instead of the sides of the room. Yeah, I’m a real hit. But it’s definitely made my palate rather discerning, and when I’m offered a chance to combine my love for food and wine, I often leap at the opportunity.This came across in the form of Cocoa Dolce’s wine truffles. I saw them on their website and knew I had to try them out. They were really beautiful little truffles, with painted designs on each one to designate the flavor and wine. There were six in total, little cubes of dark chocolate in a 57% dark chocolate ganache, some with custard and some with ginger, featuring Port, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Cab Sauvignon, Malbec, and a Gewurztraminer.I’d have liked to review each individual truffle, but the truth was, there wasn’t much difference in each flavor. There were very few subtleties in the flavors and textures, and while each truffle was a delicious ganache with a rich, smoky, creamy flavor, the real selling point of these, the wine flavors, was just not detectable. With the notable exception of the Gewurztraminer, carrying a potent and spicy gingery crunch, there was no wine to be found at all. Definitely a shame, as I was looking forward to seeing the rich combinations that the chocolatiers had thought of. This never deters me from seeking out more wine and chocolate, though.

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