Cocoa Dolce Chocolate Almond Bar

Terrible clichés, you know you’ve seen them. Shit, they’re just there in the air, hovering like a doddering grandmother or a terrible air freshener. On Tuesday, Keepitcoming Love and I not only drank pina coladas, but we got caught in the rain like an hour later.

Perhaps some things are good enough to be true.

But in all honesty, it might be time for me to just face the music and consider another typical pairing in the gastronomical world- chocolate and almonds. It’s hotter than a two dollar whore or the average body temperature of an attendee at an ICP concert, and definitely noses its way into a ton of different candy-related situations. Almonds are one those ingredients, like sriracha or L’Heure Bleue, that lends itself to a myriad of possibilities.This particular chocolate almond bar, by Cocoa Dolce, is downright indulgent. There are no chips of almonds, but entire nuts, and every single nut is circled by a shitton of chocolate. A metric shitton. The chocolate is smooth and bites well, without crumbling off and flaking like a deadbeat parent at a carnival. It’s not too sweet, but maintains a slow melt, almost like a liqueur, that makes it richer and more indulgent than just the plain stuff. A very piercing and deliciously imparted flavor from a milk chocolate.Each almond is perfectly roasted and doesn’t shed that gross almond skin. The combination is both nutty and pure, slightly bitter and caramely sweet. This bar is enough to serve two happily, and surpasses all the other chocolate almond posers with their screamo music tutorials and crappy scene kid hair cuts.

Bitches are just jealous of this bar.

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