Special K Pink Lemonade Protein Water Mix

The best way I can tell you about Special K Pink Lemonade Protein Water Mix is to tell you a little more about Keepitcoming Love. I swear, it’ll all connect. Just sit back and let the magic happen.

Keepitcoming is a fascinating sort of girl. When I met her, she was sweet and adorable. She’s still sweet and adorable. But, I soon realized, underneath her veneer of innocence is all business and a desire for satisfaction.

Case in point. I like to watch her sleep. In an entirely adorable, summer blockbuster, non-creepy way. Surpassing that love is my love to sleep, myself. I’m rarely able to watch her sleep, though, because the time I wake up from my hibernation, she’s up, dressed, looking like a Bottega Veneta model, and pinching me awake at some ungodly, single-digit hour in the AM.

It’s all for a good reason, though, because after the initial shock of waking up before sundown, I come to realize that there’s a lot of time in the day to do the things we love the most, like sitting in our bathrobes on the chaise and doing nothing, or sitting in our bathrobes on the porch doing nothing, or getting dressed and going to the park to do nothing. In that way, she reminded me of this drink mix. Truly, I express my amorous sentiments like nobody else.Pictured above, not cocaine.

I made this mix with water from the potentially dangerous tap at my work. And just like Keepitcoming, it will either blow my mind or leave me crippled from the neck down. Of course, I’m kidding, but this was a pretty fantastic flavor. Most protein drinks you’ll get and dump into water will be slightly thick and chalky, as though you’ve gone and confused your Crystal Light with your Chanel eyeshadow, but this one was smooth and pretty similar to drinking lemonade from a neighbor’s lemonade stand, if your neighbors were Kellogg’s.Pictured above, not hepatitis.

The flavor was a little watery, but definitely had all the good qualities of a pink lemonade- starting out sweet, it developed into a nicely acidic citrus taste, one that didn’t have the soapy characteristics of other drink mixes. It might have mixed more thoroughly with cold water, but the tap only had lukewarm and third degree burn. I think the best part was the satisfaction and sustenance I felt after drinking it. It did say it was a protein water, so I was curious to see how long it could sustain me before needing a snack. I drank this at work, mixed it at two, and when I got out at nine, I wasn’t feeling the urge to eat cheese balls for dinner. Miraculous indeed.Overall, I’d try this again, because not only did it taste sweet and pack a powerful punch, it was also good for me. Three more things that it shares with Keepitcoming, and I wouldn’t trade her for all the lemonade-flavored protein water in the world.

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  1. From the moment I became aware of Protein Water, I felt secure in my premonition that the age of “Soilent Green” was within our grasp. This is the future of human nutrition. Girls will be satisfied, and yet their tummies will look so flat. Cheers, Jess.

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