Fancy Food Show, Part I

We’re back! We’ve been sleeping for hours. And now it’s time to tell you all our stories about the Fancy Food Show in New York.Sunday morning, Keepitcoming and I got up early in the morning and caught the train to Manhattan. Even on the train, there were a few people excitedly discussing the food show, but we slept and organized our stuff for the rest of the day.Upon our arrival, we hailed a cab and took our bags to our entirely awesome hotel, and then went to Javits Center for the show. After getting our badges, we started off on our samplings and meandering of the floor. Javits Center is a massive beast of a hall, so it was a little overwhelming. Luckily, the morning was relatively calm, so we spanned a good part of the first floor and searched for the strange, the unusual, and the excitingly flavored.Fuck yeah, press!

Our highlights for the day included Chocolat Moderne, a chocolatier out of NYC with truffles and caramels influenced by Greek and Japanese flavors. We sampled a rosewater and pistachio caramel, a sesame and wasabi truffle, a soy sauce caramel, a Kalamata olive caramel, and a few different bars from them and found them all to be well-executed and gorgeous, too! There were sections from quite a few countries, too, and many cheeses were sampled as well.We also enjoyed a soda flavored with melon and peppadew, a sweet, small pepper classified as a fruit. It was definitely the most unique drink we sampled throughout the show. Vosges Chocolate also had a fantastic display that we went back to multiple times! Overall, though, our first day was rife with samples, flamboyantly dressed drink salespeople, and an overwhelming selection of incredible delicacies. After about six hours of walking the floor, we headed back to da hotel, a pimping establishment in its own right, and dined on Cuban cuisine. It was a great start to the show, and tomorrow, you’ll hear about the interviews and German foosball.

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