Fratelli Beretta Gli Originali SalaMini Classici

So my sister came back from Italy and all I got were these Snausage-esque snacks. And a few more things, but for today, we’re reviewing real live dog treats. I’m kidding, of course, they’re essentially preserved cocktail salami, in toe-sized format for easy snacking. There’s about ten to a blister pack and the plastic cover depicts them bouncing into a bowl in one of the most exuberant and intense ways I’ve seen sausages operate.

They’re a little greasy to the touch, but upon biting in, have a pleasantly savory and moist texture without being overladen with grease. There’s a good chew to these and they have a well-balanced yet pedestrian meaty flavor.While I’m not sure if I’d choose these for a snack again, they are a good representation of preserved meat and certainly rise above the levels of a Slim Jim or similar jerkies. They were a substantial breakfast treat.

Keepitcoming Love’s Disturbing Observation of the Day: “These look like suppositories.”

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