Vosges Amalfi Bar

This is another selection from the Fancy Food Show. Keepitcoming and I came back to the Vosges booth every day of the show because they had a consistently interesting product line and absolutely incredible new findings. One of these was the Amalfi bar, which I procured a sample of.If you’re familiar with Vosges, you know how strange their flavors can get. This is no exception. With 36% cocoa butter white chocolate, pink peppercorns, and lemon zest, this bar makes an excellent dessert on its own. The bar is separated into eight squares, each liberally portioned with the peppercorns. While the lemon zest doesn’t impart a textural difference, the essence is right there, from the very scent of the bar itself. Creamy lemon and sweet chocolate waft up from its exterior, leaving the peppercorns to lie in wait on the inside.Upon biting into the bar, the first immediate sensation is a crunch of peppercorn. The pepper isn’t overwhelmingly spicy, but does provide a taste more evocative of the actual spice than a heat-related sensation. In this bar, though, heat might not be as tempting, as the flavors hint at a mild, indulgent quality, and they meld together in an extremely en pointe expertise.The flavor recedes into a milky and extremely buttery tranquility, with the lemon zest playing a bigger role, and gives a fantastic, fresh, and fully developed flavor in the entire bar. This is perfect for a dessert at any time of day, but most happily evokes those long, drawn out summer days of citrine pleasure and lackadasical passing. This is a bar I’d happily purchase and would recommend to any palate.

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