Dolfin Milk Chocolate Hot Masala

Keepitcoming and I bought an assortment of strangely flavored chocolate bars yesterday from a local cookware and gourmet shop, amongst those being a few bars from Dolfin. This morning, we cracked open one of those mini bars and ate it for breakfast with our morning coffee.This bar was flavored with hot masala on a milk chocolate base. One miniature bar was enough for the both of us. The milk chocolate was very smooth, luxurious, and melted slowly, but the flavor was very sweet and lacked the palatable depth of a darker percentage.

The masala spices were present and mingled with the chocolate, but unfortunately, reminded us less of a spicy Indian dish than a chai tea mixture of spices. There was a strong cinnamon base, with hints of nutmeg and cumin, but no real heat to the chocolate bar to speak of.I enjoyed the flavor of this bar, as it was mild, approachable, and sweet, similar to most of the men on, but it was misleading, like their Photoshopped profile photos, and didn’t deliver the spice and pizazz I was looking for, placing it squarely into the realm of unoriginal and unmemorable concepts. Decidedly average. We’re hoping their other bars fare for the better.

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