A few little bites…

I know things have been hectic for me lately, so I thought I’d give you a peek of some of the treats I’ve been noshing on over the last few weeks. Some of these have been basic dinners, some have been enjoyed with friends and family.

The last of my Wendy’s lust, the Double Stack, made a neat transition to…

A torta! A new Mexican and Salvadorian restaurant in town, El Comalito, hits it out of the park. This was filled with pulled pork, jalapenos, black beans, cheese, avocado, hot sauce, onions, and tomato on a housemade bun. Messy? Indubitably. Amazing? Hells to the yes.

Meeting up with close friends for dinner yielded a whirl of Jamie Oliver’s mint, asparagus, and lemon risotto along with some blackberry-lemon mojitos. Our highest weather has been 52 degrees thus far, and I’m determined to drag nice spring weather in if I have to haul it in myself.

The fresh ingredients, ready to be prepared.


We also had some sea salt, pecan, and dark chocolate cookies for dessert. They made great breakfast cookies, too, as they were soft and chewy.

Of course, breakfast can’t always be sweet. Sausages, mango sorbet with mint and raspberries, and coffee also made an appearance.

Homemade pasta with vodka sauce, peppers, and onions was perfect for the chilly evening.

And blueberry cornbread pudding from Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Guilford, CT, is a personal favorite of mine.

Nachos finished up the weekend- and what a weekend it was! A great ending to Spring Break and the perfect way to greet the weather.

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