Sonic Drive-In, Wallingford, CT

Sonic is here! In Connecticut! We’ve been teased to the brink of passion for so long, and finally, we get to explode in juicy, sausage-fueled orgasms. Sigh. It’s amazing.Dillinger and I made it there this evening, and after a half hour and a massive order, we had our food. Up on the sampling roster this evening: cherry limeade, a chili cheese dog, chili cheese tots, a Campfire Blast, limited edition, a jr. Frito chili cheese wrap, a sausage burrito, and a java chiller.It seems like a lot of food, but the burritos were small, and Dillinger and I ate a little of everything else. And with all that, our total came to a little over fifteen dollars. God, I love good fast food.So we started with our drinks. The cherry limeade was exactly what I’d hoped it would be, with a nice, subtle cherry flavor and a good citrusy hit in the back. A little watery, but the ice melted quickly. It was a very hot night. I would have preferred a little less carbonation and a little more syrupy flavor, but it was, all in all, exactly what I expected.The Campfire Blast, on the left, might not have been a drink, but I drank it with a straw and was blissfully disillusioned. The ice cream was flavored quite accurately with the essence of graham, to my surprise. Not necessarily the level of expertise of Judie’s, but for a chain restaurant, it was an original and well-executed concept. The pieces of chocolate covered marshmallow were really tasty toppings, and were soft and frozen on the inside. The chocolate melted off quickly, but the flavor was definitely present.I really liked this, because all it needed was the burnt smokiness to make it a real campfire treat, but the ice cream was dense as a rock. I was literally fellating the straw to get the ooze out. I got through a quarter of it and got bored, throwing it out in vain. If this was a little thinner and potable, I’d order it again. The flavor was refreshingly original and extremely tasty in the summer.Dillinger had a mocha Java Chiller for his drink, but to be honest, it was more of an ice cream dessert than a frappucinoesque beverage. It was very thick, similar to the Campfire Blast, and was hard to drink. At least the CB was in the grey area. This was distinctly advertised as a drink, and drank more like a thick milkshake.

Dillinger, who likes his coffee stronger, wasn’t too impressed. Neither was I. There was more of a mocha, chocolatey flavor than caffeine, and more ice cream than coffee. It was large for its price, but we found it to be too sickly sweet for our beverage preferences.We moved onto the burritos. The Jr. Frito chili cheese was very small, but made a nice snack. The burrito was soft and held the toppings well, and the chili was the standard fast food variety, no beans or vegetables, just meat, meat, meat.It was smooth and zesty, but wasn’t spicy at all. There was no sign of cheese and we had to send out a small search party of Fritos, which were crispy and crunchy. This was obviously freshly made to order and, for an item that cost a dollar, was very filling and flavorful.Dillinger’s breakfast burrito was also fresh and hot. By the way, I ought to mention that no more than five minutes after we ordered our food, it was delivered to us piping hot. That’s no small feat for a regular fast food establishment, but this was also one with over sixty cars waiting and demanding food. The burrito was the same length as the Frito burrito, but was about twice as thick, simply teeming with eggs, cheese, and meat.

The eggs looked like the standard cubed scrambled egg format of most restaurants, but the sausage added a great flavor to the whole shebang. I would have preferred another flavor added to this, as with this burrito, there was no sign of cheese aside from a slight gluiness holding everything together. However, it was a sizeable breakfast item, also cheap, and had a healthy amount of meat and eggs within to make it a substantial sandwich.My chili cheese dog was a beast, but once we got it out of its wrapper, we found that it was more manageable than it looked. We split the dog and were full after. A whole dog would have been too overwhelming for me. The bun wasn’t toasted, and split under the weight of the massive meat log. The hot dog itself was incredibly firm and robust, and snapped off nicely with each bite. The chili was liberally spooned on, as was the cheese, a veritable blanket of dairy across the top of the top, and sealed the toppings in, keeping them hot.

The flavor of this was tasty and warm. I imagine this would be very comforting on a cold day in winter. However, since I’m in the traveling hot dog business, I must say, this isn’t a hot dog I’d make a road trip for, as opposed to Rawley’s or Blackie’s. It’s average as far as mush puppies go, but not something I’d go out of my way to order. A standard and classic entree, but no more tricks to turn. Our last item, the chili cheese tots, which I’m unfortunately lacking photographic evidence of, were delicious. Despite the fact that we’d had a lot of chili and cheese-related combinations during the course of our feeding, this was still welcome. The tots were extremely crispy and fresh and held up to the copious amount of toppings on this. It seems that all the missing cheese from our burritos had congregated here, atop a mountain of chili seeping into the spaces in the tots.

There were nice chunks of potato in each piece, and the chili surrounding them was hot and gooey, covered in melted cheese. These were incredibly indulgent and one small serving was enough for the two of us. Terribly delightful and addictive.

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  1. Firs off, must first wait in a staging area before entering the drive through/ordering area — in an unpaved, sharp rocks dirt parking lot. Then they screwed up all of our orders (4 people), but we were already away from the pickup window…so have to park and try to flag one of the servers down (this is only a drive through restaurant btw). So I complain about the order, and they replace it. Well, guess what, they screwed it up again, so one more time flagging down the servers. Finally, we get the order made as we asked, but the food was prepared like crap. The burgers were uneatable — salty — all of them. The fries were limp and room temp not hot, the onion rings were, well……here’s an actual pic of what they looked like:


    Tell me you’d come back for that mess….? Everything tasted as bad as that looks….

    Like others have stated, you should only go there for the drinks, shakes, ice cream…that’s all. And when ordering soft drinks, unless you’re just interested in two sips, then you’d better specify light on the ice; or you’re getting a cup full of ice with two shots of soft drink…ugh!

    Needless to say we are never going back, what a terrible experience. Micky D’s and BK seem like gourmet in comparison.

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