FoodShouldTasteGood Jalapeno Tortilla Chips

Tonight we made a delicious spread of queso and guacamole along with these jalapeno chips, received as a sample from FoodShouldTaste Good. In the altogether, these chips are absolutely delicious, but soar to a higher elevation when paired with delicious dips.

The chips are comprised of corn, red pepper flakes, and pieces of legit jalapeno, and are grease-free. Not that illegitimate stuff on the street corner near your job, natch. This is good shit. The corn base melds relatively well with these, adding a delicious hit of salt and crunch without overwhelming the palate and maintaining a spicy flavor as a naked chip.In their bare state, they do add a sharp bite of heat, a clean, lingering snap, to even the most numbed palate, the heat spreading through the chip and heightening exponentially with each bite. Their saltiness and texture integrates with the spicy flavor and rarely interferes.My only real complaint with these chips is that they lack a certain uninhibited depth to them, like a stripper, and that the heat could have a number of external flavors playing along- smokiness, cheese, lime. While the heat alone is delicious, it’s a little boring unadorned, despite the handfuls you can easily consume. It needs a dressing-up of sorts, perhaps a dip, to maintain its fresh and tasty flavor.

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