Little Wings

Boy, she’s a tough act to follow, no? I don’t know if I can do it justice, but I’m back after Keepitcoming’s guest translation. I might have to keep her around! Anyhow, these are Little Wings, buffalo wing chips inspired by the SRV song of the same name. These are actually by the same company who makes Hippie Chips, a product I panned earlier on this year, but these kick far more ass and take their flavor on the road. Yum.Posed with my Gibson LP, these little tortilla shaped chips are actually imposters- they don’t try to be too bad or talk too bad, they’re just delicious multi-grain crisps shaped like tortillas. That’s the first interesting quirk. They’re baked and thus healthier and made with whole grains- no noise pollution and they ain’t gonna fry.

They’re baked and seasoned with a buffalo wing powder that actually tastes pretty accurate. For the man of wealth and taste, these are certainly a winner, if you can handle the heat. They have a nice bite to them that really accentuates the crispiness of the chips. Some may be tired of the buffalo flavor in snacks, but I think it’s fantastic. Like a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac, it’s a classic, take it or leave it. Only thing that could make it better is if they were shaped like little wings!What I found most interesting about these was the drizzled coating on them. In most sweet, angelic foods, you see a frosting, but it’s rare to see a salty and spicy snack with a glaze. The combination seems to be inspired by the daughter of the devil himself- it’s sinfully good. The creaminess and intensity is kind of freakish at first. It’s rather unexpected, but then it fades away into black, a cheesy, tangy oasis for the senses. These are rock stars and definitely on my a-list.

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