State Street Deli, Northampton, MA

This is my deli.

Maybe you live in Northampton. Maybe you’ve been going here for years. Maybe, wonder of wonders, you actually pay the mortgage on this deli.

But make no mistake. This is MY deli. I…need it.State Street Deli, shown to me mere weeks ago by Keepitcoming Love, is the best place in Northampton. On the recent reader poll, you guys voted and told me you liked restaurant reviews. I know this is more of a poetic wax than a review, but trust me on this one.

If you go for nothing else in this deli, despite that they have an awesome rotating selection of cookies, an eclectic and moderately priced wine store, and a bitchin’ staff, go for the curried turkey salad on a sandwich.Every time I come in, a paltry three times in two weeks, Keepitcoming groans because she knows what is looming in her immediate future. It’s the same thing every time.

It begins, like most love affairs do, with the salutations.

And then, gracefully, moves onto business.
“What’ll you have?”
“Curried turkey salad on sourdough.”
“Anything on that? Vegetables? Sauce? Cheese?”
“Nope. Just that.”
“No pickle?”
“No pickle.”

And lo, the valediction!
“…I like that.”

That was from the first time, my deli deflowering, and how memorable it was. This salad is simple- shredded turkey, raisins, cashews, mayonnaise, and curry powder, but contains a microcosm of flavors that hit all the right spots on my taste buds and makes the camera macro flip out.The most beautiful thing about this sandwich is that it can hold its own on bread alone and needs no smoke and mirrors sauces or toppings to boost its flavor. It boasts enough substance all alone. Some sandwich purists may disagree and argue that vegetables give a textural difference, but I say NAY, that is a stupid opinion and you should be shot.Vegetables are for chicken salad and little else. (But it does look awfully luscious!)

This sandwich is incredible. It speaks for itself in its simplicity, and really caters to many tastes. Give it a try today, you won’t be disappointed! And check out the rest of the store, too. It’s funky and priced well.

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