Surf Sweets Gummy Swirls

Holy shit, these are Sharkies incarnate.

Sorry. Hang on. This should probably start with a more formal introduction.

I’d like to publicly and officially apologize to Keepitcoming Love, not for something I have done, but for something that will probably happen in the course of the next twelve hours. I am almost one hundred percent positive that I do not have the willpower to not finish these gummies and share them with you.

This definitely makes me a terrible girlfriend.

Surf Sweets Gummy Swirls are really incredible gummies. They’re practically the balls that Sharkies play with, that’s how similar and delicious they are in texture. They are little gummy swirls covered in sugar granules, in the shape of gumdrops. They’re smaller than gumdrops, with a finer grain of sugar, and a less gelatinous chew. They’re like a delicious hybrid between gummies, cream savers, and gumdrops. They’re so good.

One package holds about thirty pieces, which is half a day’s value for the average adult. There are only two flavors, raspberry and orange, and the cream doesn’t quite come out as much in the raspberry as in the orange, which is akin to eating St. Joseph’s Baby Aspirin without the repercussions and potential blood thinning, but they are delicious and tart and have an absolutely perfect consistency.

I don’t know why I was so surprised that these were so delicious. Food has been surprising us lately, and these are no exception. I need to hoard them and eat more. And purchase a pack for my sweetheart. Also, keep an eye out…I’m going to do a Surf Sweets giveaway and I want your participation, people!

2 thoughts on “Surf Sweets Gummy Swirls”

  1. Holy shit, St. Joseph’s Baby Aspirin? Seriously??

    Everyone I know thinks I’m insane because that is my most treasured orange flavor EVAR. It’s been years since I chewed one of those chalky little delicious bastards, yet the memory of the flavor is as strong as if it was minutes ago.

    I’m torn now. Should I seek out those gummies, or just buy a bottle of St. Joe’s Baby CRACK and eat half the bottle? I guess it’s going to be the gummies, but damned if the upper GI tract bleeding isn’t completely worth it.

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