Hoi, readers, here’s a recipe incorporating some delicious enchilada sauce. Keepitcoming and I have been making a valiant attempt to reduce carbohydrates in our diet, so in lieu of tortillas or crepes, we decided to make omelettes and fold them over our toppings.

\Ingredients (serves two)
Four eggs
1/2 cup of cheddar cheese (we used leftover horseradish cheddar and it gave it a fantastic kick)
1/2 cup of sausage- preferably something with a little kick, like linguica or chorizo
1/4 cup of red wine
1/2 cup of black beans
3/4 cup of enchilada sauce
Sour cream
Salt, pepper, paprika to taste

1. This is a nice recipe that can be done in easy steps. First, prep your ingredients by shredding your cheese into a bowl and chopping your sausage into bite sized chunks.
2. Put your sausage into a frying pan on low heat with the red wine and let it reduce and simmer until the sausage is crispy on all sides. While that is cooking, beat your eggs with salt and pepper and blend your black beans and enchilada sauce in a blender.
3. When the sausage is done, pour a small serving of eggs, enough to coat the bottom of the pan in a relatively thick layer, into the pan. Let it set and flip over.
4. Sprinkle half the cheese onto the egg, and half the sausage, and fold in half like an omelette.
5. Top with lots of eggchilada sauce, sour cream, and salsa!
6. Enjoy while hot. If you have leftover eggs and toppings, they will keep for the next morning’s breakfast.These were a lot of fun to make, though I definitely need to work on getting my egg flip to perfection! The sauce we used, Chavela’s, was smooth and intense and very tasty with the black beans. It was the perfect consistency for our dish. Make them at home when the weather is crappy.

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