Subway Steak and Bacon Melt

Nom, Subway has a new sandwich. Er, I mean, a new combination. Why is Subway suddenly Taco Bell’s idea bitch? It’s the same formula these two restaurants have succeeded with for years- ten ingredients, twenty toppings, zillions of permutations. I haven’t seen anything “new” come out of Subway since Jared’s new wardrobe and the short-lived flatbread.

However, this one looked like it had the potential to be tasty because it touted absolutely no vegetables whatsoever. Vegetables are my most hated nemesis, defeated only by various meat on meat action with occasional extra carbohydrate backup support, like a french fry sandwich. Yum. So I had high hopes for eating this simply because it fit the exceedingly low standards of my no vegetable clause.I tried to order the sandwich with as much accuracy as the photo itself, but had no hint as to what the sauces could have been. I went with classics, mayo and mustard, all on top of hearty Italian bread. The sandwich artist, if that’s what they’re still calling them, was generous with the shredded steak, using two entire portions of steak for one six inch sandwich, as well as four slices of bacon, neatly torn and arranged to ensure both cow and pig in one bite. I opted for cheddar cheese, which melted perfectly on top.With the sauces and cheese melting together, I let the sandwich sit for a bit so all could solidify and not spill out onto the paper wrapping before me. The sandwich was adequately filled. What looked like a lot of meat in preparation now seemed to be a rather modest serving, but the bacon was plentiful and the cheese and sauces had conglomerated into a beautiful formation.The bread was crusty and a little overtoasted, but provided a neutral canvas for the star of the show, the meat. Unfortunately, the steak had little flavor. I’m not asking for beef carpaccio, but it would have been nice to have more seasoning. It was still juicy and sliced thinly and fell out of the sandwich in bite-sized chunks. With the bacon, it was rather satisfying. I found the sauces to be the dominant flavor where the steak lacked, though, and the last few bites of the sandwich to be almost entirely comprised of mustard. Pretty tasty, but could use some doctoring.

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