Nitty Gritty Cornmeal Pancakes

We had a surprisingly balmy and hot afternoon yesterday. It was probably one of the last opportunities we’d have to eat outside, so we wanted to make something special to have for dinner.That something special ended up being cornmeal pancakes with butter and syrup, with Nitty Gritty cornmeal muffin and pancake mix. It was pretty easy to make the pancakes, and while I was a little worried that the batter was lumpy at first, it quickly smoothed out and yielded tasty, robust pancakes.One small gripe we had was that the instructions found a way to complicate the recipe process, using three or four bowls when two would suffice. But aside from that, their ratios were perfect and one batch served us at three pancakes apiece with a few small ones leftover. I personally prefer cornmeal pancakes over buttermilk because I like that textural differentiation and heavier feeling, and find them easier to customize. We weren’t in the mood for experimentation last night, but we might like to try these with grilled jalapeno pieces and a whipped honey butter.The most fun part of eating these was breakfast this morning. With some leftover sausage, shredded cheese, and paprika sour cream, we made a fantastic and easy cold breakfast.

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