Noshette: What I’ve Been Eating

The last round of random shots from day-to-day eating had a good response, so I’m going to try it on the weekends and see if it sticks! Lately, some of my favorite food blogs have been falling off the face of the earth, so I’m trying to fill the void with my own content, ha ha.

I’ve been on a brunch kick lately. (Above: bagel, poached egg, chicken sausage patties, jalapeno cream cheese, maple bacon cheese, hot sauce, and maple syrup) People often ask how I eat when I’m not reviewing weird food. The truth is, I’m pretty basic. I stick mainly to meat and yogurt, and tortillas or pasta for shelf-stable carbs. I’m not great at keeping bread around- I can’t eat an entire loaf before it goes bad! I’m also without a microwave, so that somewhat limits the choices for what I can cook.

My favorite thing to do is to make a large quantity of meat and eat it throughout the week. This is shredded pork tenderloin with labne cheese, Valencia hot sauce, and raspberries in tacos.

Then, I just eat it in whatever I please. Sirloin tacos with guacamole, Yancey’s peppadew cheese, and jalapenos becomes…

Marinated steak chunks in cheddar grits with poached egg.

This was another favorite that I snacked on for a few days. My dad came up last weekend to help me run errands and we had wasabi orzo with mustard and brown butter grilled chicken. Perfect with the Vouvray- had it not been corked!

More brunch delicacies, buttermilk doughnuts from the new doughnut shop in town, Glazed Doughnuts. Maple buttermilk and Chai tea. 

Finally, my latest and greatest favorite appetizer, sriracha roasted chickpeas! They get very, very crispy and are poppable and crunchy like popcorn. I hope you liked this peek ‘behind the scenes’ of Foodette!

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