Rustic Crust Crispy Italian

Keepitcoming and I have been cooking up a storm lately. Something about the weather really whets a girl’s appetite and with the chill in the air and early nights, hot and comforting food is the way to go.Rustic Crust supplied the crust for this pizza, and Keepitcoming and I thought of the toppings. Having spent many nights dreaming of Bread Euphoria’s prosciutto pizza, it was only natural to try and emulate that unctuous flavor. We picked up some fresh figs, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella. The marinade we used for the figs acted as a light sauce and gave the pie a sweet, saucy edge. Delicious.We julienned the prosciutto into rough slices and sliced the figs, adding dry fresh mozzarella on top. Keepitcoming sauteed some scallions until crispy and brown and those went on top, too. The marinade was two parts olive oil, one part maple syrup (we didn’t have honey) and a few twists of black pepper. It was a huge hit! I’d definitely slice this into squares and serve it at a dinner party. It’s quick, approachable, and sophisticated.The crust itself was decent. It had little holes in it, no doubt to crisp up the dough while cooking, but those made it impossible to have a sauce on top without seeping through and burning on the bottom of the oven. This is all well and good if Rustic Crust includes oven cleaning services with their product, but would be a pain for the average home cook. Or the experienced home cook. Nobody wants smoke and burnt residue in their oven!Our pizza came out delicious and didn’t get soggy or mushy, but rather, the opposite. It was more cracker-like than crusty, providing very little yield upon biting. I was almost worried that I’d chip a tooth. It was just a little too thick to comfortably bite, but the flavor was great and with the maple olive oil sauce, made a great dipper.

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