Laurel Hill Pepita and Spice Tortilla Chips

We’re in the home stretch of October, with only three days before Halloween, and I’m going to cram as many pumpkin-themed snacks on this blog as I can possibly allow. There will be three.

So the other night, the very same evening we made Batter Blaster, I was at our favorite little deli and noticed some exotic chips on clearance. If it was a trap, then I was heading straight to it, Admiral Akbar. There is no better way to lure me to peril than weird, cheap shit. But I digress. On the shelf for a mere $1.99 was a large bag of Laurel Hill Pepita and Spice tortilla chips. And what’s more, they had lots of pumpkin mixed in. Or so they said.I snapped them up immediately and brought them home to Keepitcoming Love to munch on before our pancake venture. These were easily one of my better purchases, and if I saw these again, I’d be hard pressed to not get them again, even at full price. The chips are cut into wide, thick strips, perfect for dipping, and are balanced seamlessly between salty and sweet.There’s an obvious cinnamon and nutmeg flavor in these, but each sweet element is countered by a savory one- the pumpkin blends with the corn, the cinnamon with the salt, and mixed in the chip are crispy, crunchy toasted pepita seeds, giving the entire thing a nutty and rounded flavor. I love these. It’s like a prelude to pumpkin pie. I want to try them with dip- I bet melted brie, chopped smoked turkey, and cranberry salsa would make these into killer Thanksgiving nachos. That could very well be our next recipe.

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