Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pecan Granola Bar

Well, the dawn of pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts brought about the question of exactly how low a person can stoop if they’re eating alone on Thanksgiving. And now, for something different. What do hipsters eat on Thanksgiving? What could possibly distract them from their daily diet of ecstasy, PBR, and better bands than the one you are currently listening to?

The answer, my friends, is this Kashi pumpkin pecan pie granola bar. It serves multiple purposes, like both eliminating the need to cook a pie and contributing yet another poem on how one’s mother ruined Thanksgiving, and also satisfies that one guest who insists on bringing Tofurky to any friendly event. It’s crunchy both in texture and in spirit and is a surprisingly good snack.While this definitely evokes more of a Thanksgiving feeling than Halloween, it’s still a very rustic and interesting snack. A layer of pumpkin pie goo on top isn’t the most texturally palatable sensation, but accurately imitates the flavor of pumpkin pie. It’s abound with spices galore and a crispy granola layer. This was my favorite part of the bar as in most pumpkin pie flavored treats, the crust goes ignored or is really underrepresented in the composition of the snack. It was flavorful and adequately spiced.I was underwhelmed by the nut content on the bar, mainly because it was part of the title and also because it was heavily presented on the package. And I do love pecans. What little nuts I did manage to ingest (ha ha) were crispy and crunchy and really built on the medley of textures already playing out. This was a fantastic fall find and a great healthy treat.

2 thoughts on “Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pecan Granola Bar”

  1. I actually have these on my shelf now. 🙂 I like that just about every conceivable food stuff comes out with holiday flavors. The pumpkin goo on top isn’t my favorite part of the bar (I don’t really like gooey pumpkin) but ah well.

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