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Keepitcoming and I are back for Thanksgiving break, staying at Chez D with the good doctor herself, L, and a menagerie of animal friends. After getting an early night in, we woke up this morning excited to meet the day. Dr. D recommended a local cheese shop, Madison Cheese, Etc. in the center of town, highly lauding their delicious grilled cheeses.

Hankering for a warm meal, we checked out their menu. Each of their sandwiches is featured around mice- Country Mouse, City Mouse, etc, and can be customized with their rotating cheese selection. I was hoping to get a piece of the Drunken Goat cheese that An Immovable Feast is always talking about, but unfortunately, they didn’t carry it.

Keepitcoming got a Croak Mousey, their take on a Croque Monsieur, with a blend of cheeses and Black Forest ham. You can add hot sauce or mustard, so she added on mustard, and a healthy dollop of whole grain was added to the sandwich. My sandwich was one of their Welsh Mice, featuring Welsh cheeses. My first two choices were sold out, so I ordered a sandwich with Harlech cheese, a white cheddar blended with horseradish and parsley. Although I normally love condiments, I opted out in fear of the flavors contrasting.Our sandwiches were quite hot and well pressed, oozing cheese and butter on the outside. They each included a dried apricot on the side. Keepitcoming enjoyed her sandwich, but found the ham to be blander than she expected. All the portions were adequate and the cheese was tasty, but she liked the crisp on the white bread with my sandwich versus than on hers, made with whole grain bread.My sandwich was really comforting and gooey- a sophisticated twist on my childhood favorite. The white bread was buttery and crunchy on the outside with a thick enough cut to not get soggy in the middle of the sandwich. The cheese was delicious, with the pungent tang of horseradish without a lot of the heat. I saw nor tasted any parsley. It was the perfect consistency of cheese, oozing out of the middle in nice strands, but next time around, I’d add sauce now knowing that it can hold up to the crunch of the bread and would probably try another cheddar.

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  1. Whenever I read reviews of stuff with cutsey, contrived names (like those mousy sandwiches) I always hope that the stuff is going to rate, like, an 11 to compensate for making me suffer through a menu full of puns and lame entendres. Still, a Foodette 7 is a worthy rating, and next time I’m down in the Madison/Clinton area, I’ll give Madison Cheese, Etc. a try.

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