Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil Tortas

I’m a woman of relatively simple tastes. There are times, frequently, when I have a primal urge to whip up something maddeningly complex, but a few simple ingredients can really satisfy me at times.I’d never tried olive oil tortas and believed them to be along the lines of a slightly greasier pita pocket, but when Dr. D brought some home to me to try as a snack, I was surprised to find that they were delicate, crisp little crackers wrapped in wax paper with a brush of olive oil and anise seeds mixed in.
These tortas are Andalusian in origin, but the snack I decided to make was decidedly Italian pizza-esque, that is, if your local joint decided to swap out flour crusts and tomato sauce for imported arugula and white truffle oil. The crackers were sweet and airy with a hint of rock sugar and anise. I wanted to draw out the earthiness of the olive oil and let the anise play a part in the snack, too, so I decided to spread some brown mustard as a sauce base, top with Kerry Dubliner cheese for some extra nuttiness, and sprinkle fresh thyme on top. Extremely easy for a snack and the results couldn’t have been better. It was oleaginous incarnate, with a perfect balance of savory and sweet flavors. I’d be quite happy serving this as an appetizer to friends.If you’re in the market for an upscale, finely made snack, the buck stops here. However, they’re not versatile for a whole lot else. Their brittle crispness makes them impossible to sandwich and I even found them difficult to dip in anything erring towards the solid side of spreads. The unique flavoring sort of pigeonholes them into a specific set of toppings one can use. I was sailing blind and got lucky with mine. And the greasiness may be a turn-off for some (when was the last time you heard that, hrm?) if you’re serving these at a slightly nicer function than your average family dinner. I liked this, though. It was a tasty treat to share with Dr. D.

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