Q.Bel Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars

I think there are aspects of my adult development that are coming in at a delayed rate. About a month ago, I made a date with a stranger whose name I knew only by email so that we could meet in a public place in my hometown for the sole purpose of him giving me candy. Yes, I planned an event that culminated in scarfing down candy from a stranger.

And it was pretty great and far less sketchy than I’m telling it. The stranger in question was Damien Del Monte, a company representative, and the candy was Q.Bel, a high-end, natural chocolate bar in plenty of flavors and forms.This is one of five different wafers, and happens to be my favorite flavor of chocolate pairings: peanut butter coated in milk chocolate. The two wafers are quite substantial, roughly twice the width of a Kit-Kat and around the same length. From the first bite, it’s clear that this isn’t on the level of your average Hershey bar. The wafers are crispy, but have a softer texture to them, like an ice cream cake cone, that really melds with the chocolate. The peanut butter is creamier than the quintessentially crumbly Reeses’, but boosts the saltiness and natural flavor, reminding me of the all-natural peanut butter that needs to be stirred. I wish it had more of the graininess and grit, but it’s a smooth and melty texture. It reminds me of the Edward Marc truffles I tried last year, with more of a creme-like blend than all peanut butter.The chocolate runs on the sweeter side of milk chocolate, and like most, tends to be rather one-dimensional, but plays nicely with the peanut butter and creates a soft shell that surrounds the wafers in a compact sandwich. This is definitely a chocolate I’d get over Hershey bars or Butterfingers when I wasn’t ready to break out the big guns, like Amano, but was still craving something sweet and bolder. The care in production and ingredients are worth the extra few cents. Next time: we help a man with mirrored sunglasses and a porn ‘stache in a white van find his lost puppy.

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