King Leo Soft Pomegranate Puffs

Whoa, son, “soft right out of the box.” Probably great for these candies, not so much for Justin Timberlake and a certain SNL song, if you know what I’m sayin’.

You know what I’m sayin’.

Anyhow, these were some puffs from King Leo that I did not want to pass on. Despite being more of the “hugs not drugs” type, I know my puff. This is not a puff. It’s a hard candy. I expected these to be the love child of melting restaurant mints after the check comes and marshmallows, conceived to a soundtrack of Billy Squier’s “My Kind Of Lover,” but this was not the case. It was less of a beautiful hybrid and more of a discounted mutt with a heart, harboring a mediocre texture with a fascinating flavor.The pomegranate flavor of these starts out accurate, like sucking on a few fresh pomegranate seeds, but then turns acidic and a little bitter and invades the mouth as the puff breaks apart. I really enjoyed sucking on the outer shell before it separated. It’s difficult to bite into these because they seem to have a thin candy shell, like that of the Earth’s, before exposing the inner core. It’s an odd texture, because after it gets soft in your mouth (whoa!) it pills off in small pieces and dissolves shortly after. One puff is just enough because after that it’s just sour and sweet enough to adequately satiate.This is the most accurate pomegranate flavor I’ve had in a candy, and for that, I would order these again. On someone else’s bill. However, get this essence into pomegranate chews or smokeable rocks or something because the puff is not a matching vessel for the flavor.

3 thoughts on “King Leo Soft Pomegranate Puffs”

  1. I’m sorry your puffs were not as soft as you like. We also have received complaints from some that they were too soft! Go figure!

    Besides the broad range of personal preferences toward degrees of softness vs. firmness, local climate is the biggest single factor. If you live somewhere that has been experiencing low relative humidity, the puffs tend to dry out and get firmer. If you live where it is humid (e.g. the Southeast), then they tend to get softer.

    Try leaving the bag or box open in a humid place (maybe even your refrigerator) for a few days and see what happens. This is a 100 year old style of candy and part of its “charm” is that it does change, literally, with the seasons!


    Your friendly candy-making elves at Quality Candy Company (Makers of King Leo brand candies)

  2. I LOVED the King Leo Pomegranate Puffs! A small box of them came in a gift basket. At first I thought they were hard candies, but found they were extremely easy to bite into and chew. The flavor was wonderful – just tart and sweet enough (and I am not a fan of tart). There were only 4 in the box. I opened them 5 minutes ago, have only 2 left, and it is 9:00 a.m. EST. I plan to purchase more.

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