Domino’s New Boneless Chicken Wings with Mango Habanero Dipping Sauce

Whew, talk about a blast from the past. I think it’s been at least a year since I’ve had Domino’s polygontastic boxes fill my dormitory. I like to order from these chains as a rare treat- when I’m not cooking my own food at home, it’s fun to see what kinds of expansion delivery places are offering. After seeing Grub Grade report the news about not only a new sauce, but new chicken, I knew I had to forgo the ‘zza for an order of wings. Boneless wings, that is. Domino’s has been making a lot of positive changes to their food, and after a relatively successful pizza reformulation, they’ve moved onto their chicken.
So how do they taste? Actually, I’m not sure. I have my timer set for exactly a half hour for delivery. If they tout that kind of service, I expect at least one high speed car chase down Route 9 to bring me my wings. So far, I’m a little wary. Domino’s says their new chicken wings are “new and tasty,” two modifiers, yet only one of which delivers a murky idea of what the flavor could be. New implies they’re not made from elderly chicken, which is good because I like them young, and tasty implies that they’re liberally applying Mrs. Dash with each winglet. Hell, at least they’re not spelled “wyngz.”They came early. Damn. An order of eight wings will set you back around $10 total if you’re a good tipper. Without the tip, it came to $8.36, a hair above what I like to pay for standard, fast food wings. Out of the box, they look pretty good. I always appreciate places that put dipping sauce on the side because twenty minutes in a car can mean the difference between stunning and slimy skin. There were eight pieces, but I don’t quite think it justifies being called eight wings as they are drastically differing in size, some of them looking to be at least twice as small as others. As far as value goes, I’m not sure if these were worth paying over $1 per wing.The chicken is crispy, with a thick coating of breading. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them crunchy like Popeye’s of KFC, but more on a Wendy’s scale of a softer crust. The chicken inside is a little chewy, but for the most part, tender. On their own, the chicken bites taste pretty good. They’re savory and taste like there’s some garlic and paprika in them, but I came for the sauce. Sauce masks all imperfections. Adding fruit to sauces can be daunting because you never know what you’ll get, but I’m pleased to report that the new mango habanero sauce is balanced and well-spiced, possibly one of the tastiest sauces on the fast food market today.
The sauce worried me at first. The container was filled only halfway up- would this cover eight smallish wings? But my fears were all for naught. The sauce is thick, but not gummy, with a nice orange color and obvious pieces of pepper throughout. It smells mainly of dried mango and assorted spices, and doesn’t hint to any obvious heat. However, upon tasting, it’s clear that Domino’s researched their peppers and researched them well. The heat from the sauce is persistent yet never burning hot, a combination that both satisfies my inner hot head and that of the general public, I’m guessing. It had a nice, smoky paprika flavor with a clean burn that definitely lingered, but kept me wanting more. The texture was a great peppery jamminess that adhered to the chicken and left me wishing I’d ordered more chicken to dip it in. I originally ordered two sauces, fearing I’d run out mid-way, but ended up only using one. Maybe I’ll slather the other on a sandwich.Overall, this might just become my new standard, assuming I try to order Domino’s more than once a year. They probably wouldn’t satiate the average college student, but they were enough for me. If they turned this into a specialty pizza, I’d definitely make an effort to make my way over there more often. If you love heat and fruit, this is something you should check out.

13 thoughts on “Domino’s New Boneless Chicken Wings with Mango Habanero Dipping Sauce”

  1. Man. Why do they gotta put mango in it? Why not just a straight up Habanero without sweet. Oh well… Still, their Hot sauce is my favorite. And I love their chicken kickers (though they are small, the taste is amazing!), but unless this blows me away I’ll always go for hot and blue cheese.

  2. Umm, you reviewed the new boneless chicken that replaced the kickers not the new wings. You should correct that. Basicly if you actually review a burrito but the whole time you call it a taco that’s missinformation.

  3. $8.36-for-8 at a restaurant, okay, sure. But fast food or take-out pizza? That seems way too high. (My recent favorite are Church’s boneless wings – 6 for $2.99.)

    That being said, I still would try these at least once, if only as an excuse to try the sauce. (Although now that I think about it, can you just go into Domino’s and buy a container of the sauce?)

  4. I’ve bought boneless wings from them twice, they tasted good, but were so small both times that I complained and got a free order…and it was very small as well. No matter how much I did enjoy the taste, they are not worth the money at all.

  5. 8.36 includes tax and delivery charge(not a tip). they wouldnt be that expensive if you picked them up from dominos.. Also they are called by Dominos simply “boneless chicken”, not wings. the actual wings are called wings.

  6. Why do they put a rating scale on the box? Do they want customers to return the box at a later date so they can collect the customer rating? Doesn’t seem they are really interested in customer feedback. Also, the rating scale looks like it was meant to be filled out by Dominos employees — Their affirmative answer “Oh yes we did” could only be chosen by an employee and make sense.

  7. Don’t get the boneless wings they are gissely and nasty little chicken nuggets. Was disappointed when I saw how small they are then even more disappointed when I had to spit out the nasty chewy chunks of grissel. They were also overcooked which made them rubbery. Next time just going to get the 2 pizza deal since their pizza is way better but I’ll get wings somewhere else next time for sure.

  8. the problem with the size of the boneless wings, is not all places adhere to store policy of only prepping pieces larger than 1 pepperoni slice, they try to save on their food costs by prepping ALL of them, big or small.. same deal with the chicken kickers, which sadly, are no longer being sold

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