Dough, Brooklyn, NY

After our impromptu trip to New York, Keepitcoming and I woke up in the morning to find that doughnuts had been bequeathed upon us! Was it an oasis? Was it a sleep-induced, partially sonorous dream? No, that bag was real and already coated in a slight film of doughnut liquid. But not just any doughnuts. Special doughnuts from Dough in Brooklyn. I searched the recesses of my mind, vaguely recounting a story about a blood orange doughnut and lo and behold, there it was.Having been told in years past that Doughnut Factory was the creme de la creme, I was skeptical, but all that was gone when I lifted the pastries out of the bag. Inside were three gorgeous brioche doughnuts in three eye-popping flavors. Allow me to make a disclaimer, albeit a horrible one, before I proceed. I am kind of ambivalent about raised doughnuts in the same way that I am kind of ambivalent about eggplant, pie crust, squash, and angel food cake- they just don’t make me yearn for them. But this may have been my doughnut salvation, my Holy Dough, Nut, and Icing on the cake. These were expertly made doughnuts.From the very start, these doughnuts were speaking my language, specifically, the blood orange glazed doughnut with a caramelized orange slice on top. Talk about sticky, ooey gooey love. The glaze was thickly painted on top, but easy enough to shatter with one’s teeth. Despite my love for cream-based, chocolate laced flavors, I really loved the contrast in this doughnut. The blood orange glaze really tasted like the real thing with a hint of bitterness and sweet brown sugar from the candied slice. The dough brought it all together with a layered, croissant-like utter butter infusion without tasting greasy or floury at the end. I found myself meticulously saving the bottom bites of plain dough for last so I could savor the slightly salty treat. This is a brioche that needs, nay, begs for a salted caramel and bacon topping.
The other two doughnuts were equally as impressive. I mean, just look at that glaze puddle on the toasted coconut! Drool inducing for sure. These were no Dunkin’ Donuts for any weight put on as a result of these is meaningful and worth it, god damn it. Forget sterile shavings of sugared coconut, this was covered in toasted coconut with oodles of glaze coating its supple surface and hunks of island fruit all over the place. With that delicious brioche, it was another favorite. The last doughnut was delicious but I wouldn’t have felt empty inside had it been swapped out for another. With toasted almonds and dulce de leche, it was sweet and crunchy, but had little else to offer in the way of exciting or different flavors. Next time around I’d check out the Earl Grey or the lemon poppyseed or…graham cracker cheesecake. I’m curious to see what other flavors Dough has to offer. Nom and a half. If nothing else, though, get your ass down there to try the blood orange. Your taste buds will love you 4EVA and will probably post a cryptic and self-referential Facebook status in your honor.

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