Cocoa Metro

We’re rounding the last five days of regular blog eating before we move on to Healthy Month for April. My steady diet of pork belly and pancakes is already regretting this, but a deal is a deal. This obviously means that I am treating the last week of March as though it were my latter-day Last Supper and I, its Jesus. Obviously. One of my favorite treats is chocolate milk. National Chocolate Milk day IS on my birthday, after all. Having it on tap fairly frequently at the dining hall, you’d think it would make me sick of it, but that’s definitely not the case.
I first encountered Cocoa Metro a few years ago in my persistent quest for the best chocolate milk. Shunning the siren’s call of Hershey’s syrup and the cougar classicism of Ovaltine, I set out on a quest. With a few careful Googles, I found that the object of my desire was indeed in existence- Cocio, the mecca of all milks. But alas, she was in Denmark- so close, yet so far. However, my searches led me to a more localized beverage, Cocoa Metro. Sold in specialty stores throughout Boston, I was gifted a bottle while on an outing with Keepitcoming Love and First Tracks.
The chocolate milk has slightly different packaging than what is shown online and represented in the bulk of consumer photos I’ve seen. I’ve done extensive research. It is now labeled as Belgian chocolate + milk with various witticisms around the label. I didn’t see any sign of dark chocolate or any particular percentage designation so I cannot accurately tell you if this was indeed made with dark chocolate or not. It certainly tasted like a milk chocolate but lacked the irritating sugar rush that commercialized chocolate milks have. It was utterly refreshing. No sticky corn syrupy taste. No fake saccharine flavor. Just natural, delicious ingredients. It was also extremely smooth and milky with the perfect consistency.Also quite tasty as a coffee-free latte.
Though it was clear that chocolate was the main focus in this, it could have been bolstered by the addition of a few other ingredients to accentuate its flavor. It was certainly delicious and smooth, but for a milk that touted a complexity that “doesn’t exist” outside of this particular brand, it needed work. That being said, I would drink this again in a heartbeat- we polished off the entire quart in a sitting. No regrets, readers. No regrets.

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