Healthy Month Contest: Win $50 Worth of Free Food from Foodette!

Happy Healthy Month, one and all. By now you’ve probably discovered that this is NOT a post about massive burgers. Happy April Fool’s Day! Consider this my personal Lent, combined with, of course, quintessential Jewish guilt. To celebrate, we here at Foodette Reviews are offering you the one and only chance to win $50 worth of free, relatively healthy food gift cards and coupons, as well as a starter set of eco-friendly glass straws! (Prop twenties not included!)The prize includes:
A $10 gift card from Wendy’s
A $10 gift card to Stop and Shop (or your grocery equivalent)
5 Healthy Choice Coupons, each good for one meal of your choosing
2 Lean Cuisine Coupons, each good for one meal of your choosing
2 General Mills Gluten Free Chex coupons
One package of Glass Dharma glass straws- a $50 value, ABSOLUTELY FREE!It’s a food extravaganza! It will feed you for a week or possibly a day if you’re in college! It’s delicious and nutritious! And KEEPITCOMING POSED FOR EVERYTHING! (She understands and wishes to continue.) All you need to do from now, April 1st, 2011, to April 29th, 2011, at 11:59 2011, is post a comment telling me one of your favorite healthy treats and one of your favorite guilty ones and you’ll be automatically entered to win. Leave your email address and let the games begin!

Happy Healthy Month, guys!

25 thoughts on “Healthy Month Contest: Win $50 Worth of Free Food from Foodette!”

  1. Favorite healthy treat- ambrosia apples I buy at sams club. I love a good sweet and crisp apple! As for guilty, I just took on a serving of it tonight- ice cream! It was German chocolate cake flavored and I wanted seconds but I was good and didn’t.

  2. My favorite healthy treat is probably cheddar cheese flavored rice cakes. My favorite guilty pleasure has got to be a big ass cinnamon roll from Cinnabon! To hell with power walking, it’s all about the food! LOL

  3. healthy: layer 3 layers of cool whip lite, strawberries, and blueberries and freeze…yum just like icecream

    guilty: friendly’s pb lava cake!

    rocket15 @

  4. Best healthy treat? Fat free ricotta cheese topped with fresh strawberries, balsamic syrup, fresh basil, fresh squeezed lemon juice and zest. I make this for breakfast sometimes in the summer, and it’s being satiating to me, which is very difficult to do considering I have an obsession with junk food.

    Favorite indulgence? Double Double Animal Style and a whole side order of fries. And of course a diet coke.

  5. healthy treat is probably a big fat juicy over-ripe mango, so juicy that i have to eat it over the sink and my face gets all sticky. when i eat it i feel like a baby with their first piece of cake or something, how messy they get.

    indulgence would have to be my homemade flourless chocolate cake, OM NOM NOM.

  6. Best healthy treat would have to be a big spoonful of natural nut butter on a banana. Favorite indulgence is a nice fat-laden Indian meal at my favorite Indian restaurant.
    gabbys35 (at) yahoo dot com

  7. Healthy snack: curried cauliflower or kimchi.

    Unhealthy snack: A gallon of ice cream and yes, I know they usually come in pints.

    plannetofmars [at]

  8. Love your site! This is a fun one.

    One of my favorite healthy treats is to take frozen pb (PB & Co. brand is great!) and roll it into balls and freeze them some more. You get frozen pb truffles! They melt in your mouth and are amazing!

    One of my favorite guilty treats is the classic Poptart. They will never get old!

    Great giveaway!

  9. Healthy – fresh berries and light whipped cream

    Naughty –

    Individual 5 minute chocolate cake!

    •Coffee mug
    •4 tbsp Flour (not self rising)
    •4 tbsp Sugar
    •4 tbsp Cocoa powder (Nesquick, Hersheys etc…)
    •1 Egg
    •4 tbsp milk
    •3 tbsp oil
    •Splash of vanilla
    2 tbsp nuts or chocolate chips (optional)

    Mix dry ingredients in the mug first, then add egg, then milk and oil.

    Stir well add chocolate chips and nuts (if desired).

    Microwave on high for 3 minutes, let stand for 1 minute before serving.

  10. Healthy- Celery with low fat cream cheese. Or just celery in general. Or hummus with an assortment of veggies!
    Guilty- Pretty much any junk food/ fast food/ sweets. I’m a fiend for candy, especially sour candy. Some Sour cream n cheddar ruffles… YUM.

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