Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex

As far as breakfast goes, I would never label myself as being a big cereal eater. I never saw the point of waking up and eating something cold and meager when one could eat something hot and filling. I’m also much happier when I’m eating savory things than sweet. So cereal had the dice stacked against it for years, always pushed behind egg sandwiches or pancakes or the omnipresent McGriddle.When I got to college, my enthusiasm went up once I discovered that I could have any kind of cereal I wanted in any quantity, but after about a week’s worth of Lucky Charms for dinner, the fun faded fast. Serendipity intervened a few weeks ago by means of General Mills Psst! They sent me a box of gluten free Honey Nut Chex to try out and out of desperation last week, I ate them. To my surprise, they were fantastic. While billed as having “just a touch of honey” they certainly have more than their fair share of flavor. I’ve never known any of the “nut” based cereals, aside from those that contain granola, to have anything more than a brief flirt with legumes, and so is the case with this cereal. If anything, the nut aspect is really overpowered by the milk.But the honey delivers a pleasant surprise. Combined with the wholesome corny flavor of the cereal, it tastes sweet and bready like a nice graham cracker. And that’s not just in the cereal, either. There’s a healthy coating of glaze and flavoring on the pieces so that enough seeps into the milk and is retained on the chex piece as well. The shape of the cereal absorbs milk well and soaks up the liquids nicely without getting mushy. I think that’s a result of the gluten free ingredients but I’m not sure.What I really like about this is that there’s a long window for eating it. You can eat it when it’s very crispy and barely wet or when it’s somewhat drenched with milk and falls apart in your mouth. And then you have all that luscious cereal milk leftover without any of the mushy crumbs floating around. It has that delicious, milky honey flavor. If I were ever to try Momofuku’s Cereal Milk Panna Cotta, it would definitely be with this cereal. I’ve plowed through an entire box in about a week and think I’ve found my new breakfast companion for the upcoming summer. For more Healthy Month fare, check out April’s posts and enter Foodette’s $50 Food Contest right here.

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