Salt-Free Mrs. Dash

Last night was the first night we could eat outside this year. Of course, that was bracketed by two inches of snow over the weekend and a rainstorm today, but who’s counting? An occasion like that called for fresh ingredients. I baked a loaf of sandwich bread, sliced up an avocado, and sauteed some chicken breasts with fingerling potatoes. We wanted to make Southwestern sandwiches. Coincidentally, I was sent some flavors of salt-free Mrs. Dash a few weeks ago to test out for Healthy Month, so I liberally sprinkled one of them, Fiesta Lime, on the breasts and grilled them up. For a little variation, I coated two of the four pieces with another flavor, Lemon Pepper.From the start, I was fairly impressed with how vibrant and bold the Fiesta Lime was. Even a little on the tip of a spoon yielded a fresh, smoky flavor with a surprising citrus edge. I was initially worried that the heat of the spices would edge out the fruit, but it was quite zesty. I wouldn’t call the spice heated in any way, but it was very flavorful without being salty. I didn’t miss salt at all. The fine grade of the seasoning made it easy to pat onto the chicken and rub into the meat without any pieces falling off. It made a fantastic crust on the chicken.The Lemon Pepper was a rougher grade and somewhat chunky and had a problem adhering to the chicken. The flavor before and after cooking was somewhat astringent and lost a lot of its fruitiness in the process. The Fiesta Lime cooked well with the chicken and penetrated the inside of the meat. I’d be interested in trying this as a marinade. So far, we’ve been using it on everything spicy, including guacamole, nachos, and sandwiches.

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