Annie’s Cinnamon Roll Bunny O’s

With the warm weather impending (hint hint, Massachusetts, stop raining now) I’m starting to become a cereal convert. While I’ll be quick to admit that it’s a lot of fun to whip up a big, hot breakfast, it’s certainly less fun to slave over a hot stove in the middle of the summer. But while I may have been won over by Honey Nut Chex, I wanted to test my theory and see if I’d enjoy other cereals as much.
Annie’s sent over a few of their products for Healthy Month, one of which was Cinnamon Roll Bunny O’s. As soon as I pulled these out of the package, I knew I had to review these. After all, where else am I going to find a product that combines not two, but three of my favorite things? Ooey gooey cinnamon rolls, an adorable product name, and disembodied rabbit heads. Man, it sounded like a winner.As I opened the package, I noticed that these had a decidedly different texture than the Chex. They were much thicker and less crispy and had an airy, oaty texture that seemed if they were left out too long, they would get chewy and stale. I tested this theory by opening my box and storing it as I would any other cereal. Within a week, it was stale. Unless you’re living the purgatorial life of a perpetual college student, there’s no way you’re going to finish this box in such a small window of time. The flavor reminded me less of cinnamon buns and more like cinnamon toast, the main difference that they were not coated in neither sugar nor butter. Probably better to err on the healthy side when starting out in the morning, but not the best manifestation of a cinnamon-based breakfast I’ve seen.

There was just too little to enjoy about these. With the small aging window, the poor ratio of sweet to spice, and the lack of resemblance to its namesake, I wasn’t enthralled by the whimsy of rabbit shapes and the organic promises to ensure a place in my cupboard for these again. Bummer, too. Those bunnies are too damned cute. I’ll have to stick to my Annie’s Easy Mac, a form of quick cooking that brings a whole new level of sadism to the epic Bunny Suicides.

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