Honest Tea Green Honey

Sorry for the delay in posts. With finals in full swing, I often experience crashes after pulling an all-nighter on a term paper or a take-home test. I drink coffee more than I drink tea, but was curious to add a few more beverages to my repertoire. Honest Tea sent me a few samples of their libations and I decided to test run an iced tea tonight.

With 73 calories in a 0 calorie world of artificial sweeteners and colors, does a carefully curated ingredient list matter more than nutrition? From this experience, I have deduced that the art of a beverage must lie in the flavor. If that’s the case, this is more of a community college art portfolio, because it’s bland, flat, and overly diluted. The tea flavor comes out strong, a bit more intense than I would have liked it had I brewed it myself, with a slight honey and sugar note at the end.

Overall, I would have liked to see a more pronounced nuance of both sweet and bitter in this. I really do like a good iced tea, I’m no hater, but just think that with such a simple and easily user-friendly beverage, measures could have been taken to make this a more unique and sophisticated drink.

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