Hershey’s Air Delight Aerated Milk Chocolate

Okay, call my bullshit on this but I personally see aerated chocolate as the snake oil equivalent in the candy variety traveling medicine show. I mean, the very idea is roughly as useful as Scotch-flavored condoms. Hershey’s put out an aerated chocolate bar with an asinine name to follow in the footsteps of their ever-exotic cousin, the Aero bar, and here is the result.

The USA seems to have abandoned the Twilight craze and swept itself up in the aerated chocolate bar fad. Completely untrue, but what Milton Hershey’s non-existent grandkids and CEO’s don’t know is that the Aero bar does serve a functional purpose in the British world. After all, because we all know that British people are bad-toothed and batshit insane (Editor’s note: Redacted the link to Foodette’s ex’s Facebook page. Also, wait. I am the fucking editor. This is awesome.) Aero simply plays on that bad dentistry history from the heyday of the Industrial Revolution by offering a softer, gentle, less snappy version of the chocolate we all knew and loved. It’s a phenomenal way, much like whipped cream cheese and whipped candy bars, to stuff less product into the container and sell the very air you’re whipping into it in the first place and overcharge the customer.
I’m quite sure you don’t need too much of an explanation for this. This is a standard Hershey bar with a severely underdeveloped cocoa flavor. Yes, it’s thicker to hold all the precious air and it has less squares because of that, but it’s still the same crumbly, overly sweet, sugar throat burning creamy flavor that we all know and mildly tolerate. Does the air provide a sensation? Not really. If you chew it quickly, it crumbles off in small pieces that suggest that the bar is of a low quality until you remember that this was intentional. Each square is just a hair too large to comfortably fit in the mouth and suck on (LOL here) and the air isn’t really distinguishable until the square eventually collapses in on itself and melts to regular, boring chocolate. I don’t feel any airy, bubbly textures or specifically unique texture to this bar at all.
As a result of witchcraft, this bar is more expensive and less weighty than a Hershey bar. It’s more of a pointless buy than the $19,000 Hammacher Schlemmer seven-person bike and is just a disappointment for all faux British wannabes and real British ex-pats. Just buy a regular Hershey bar, melt it, and fart in it before it sets. This is the American confectionery equivalent of Engrish. We cannot live up to the hype of the Aero bar. (Note: I love my British readers, by the way. I just hate the Air Delight more.)

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  1. I prefer regular Hershey’s bars to this Air Delight, but it was only 50 cents at Walmart. It wasn’t even made in Hershey, PA the wrapper say MFD Mexico, I’ve been to Hershey before and they never ever talk about chocolate being made in Mexico, they always talk about the chocolate made there.

  2. Can’t we find just one thing people won’t complain about…just one thing? Why can’t we say “Gee, something new.” I’ll give it a try. If I like it, great. If I don’t like it, I don’t ever have to buy it again. Can’t we all just shut the hell up and and make our own opinions. I don’t base my decisions on what anyone else spews at me.

  3. Don’t mind the vitriolic review as everyone has their own opinion, but need to get the facts straight – Milton Hershey never HAD any children, therefore no grandchildren. He married a woman named Catherine (known as “Kitty”) who died at age 42 of what historians believe was syphilis – she never bore him any children and he never remarried. It’s a matter of record. Chocolate is my life and I hope to try the new concoction soon.

  4. How many years have we savored the delight of Three Musketeers’ marketed as “40% less fat than other cocolate bars”– because its been whipped chocolate “mousse” for years! NO one complains about 3 Musketeers. Europeans have had aerated candy bars for years!! If you are a chocoholic like i am… hell– gimme anything new and palatable– if it’s chocolate, I eat it! (Sadly, its a disease i have!! But a tasty one!! lol!). But I do have financial limits– so I dont buy Godiva & “high end” candies/chocolates from mall kiosks and I never dig into those bulk-candy bins!! Who knows what some 8 year old terror (or 16 year old anti-human terrorist)- poisoned that candy bin with! Malls are the ideal impulsive purchase marketing venue: “If you wave it in front of their faces, they will wander over…” Seriously, on the chocolate flavor quality– I do like Nestle’s chocolates, plus the English orange & plain Aero chocolates- and chocolate crack ‘n eat balls better than Hershey!!! Didja – anyone – ever notice that Hershey has a “shitty, bitter, off flavor” !! Yes, really! Try this: put a piece – A kiss, a square, their individually wrapped chocolates, a basic Hershey chocolate bar – in your mouth & melt it slowly on your tongue or anywhere in your mouth. Now — breathe in THROUGH YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH– Can you sense- orally & nasally — & taste that “shit” flavor?? No, no–I mean real live fecal shit flavor ( No I have never eaten real shot but have changed enough diapers, litter boxes and wi[ed my own butt to know what poop MAY taste like !) So I am not sure what they do to it– but— hmmmm… same color as shit…. could it be……”SOYLENT BROWN!!!!”??? yummy! tHINK ABOUT IT!! cOCOA HAS REACHED ALL TIME HIGH – EVEN SHORTAGES EXIST- so to reduce expenses, City (shitty?) Employees who use those big ass machines sweep the streets of NYC and send the poop to Hershey PA,(or the highest bidder!) then Hershey (may) ship it to MEXICO for processing!! HUH? MEXICO?? Hell, in that case, Hershey’s oughta taste like COCAINE & POT!! But, I digress! Ok– so here comes Aerated chocolate– good luck!!

  5. anon 1- the nursing home called and they need you back so you can take your medication.

    anon 2- the obesity clinic called and they need you back so you can get that chocoholic gastric bypass surgery

    anon 3- the psych ward called and they need you back so they can up your dosage of klonapin

    i liked the review


  6. What is your damage? I will never understand someone that has nothing better to do than insult things. Get a life.

  7. I have tried the air delight and I think it’s good. What a sad life you must have to spend your time spewing negativity in the guise of humor.

  8. The Air Delight weighs the same as a regular Hershey Bar and costs the same. You have no clue what you are talking about and your blog is not entertaining.

  9. This is getting way out of hand. Please remember that this is my website and that all opinions are mine. If you have a complaint, I ask that you draft it to my email address rather than spewing it all over my website.

    Please keep in mind that I’ve been doing this for a pretty long time and like to think that I know what I’m talking about. Anonymous “spewing negativity” reader, please view the 8, 9, and 10 rated products and you’ll see that I enjoy things just as much as I hate them- sometimes, even moreso!

    Any further negative comments will cause this entire thread to be closed off. Please keep your comments civil and enjoy the site!


    Foodette Reviews

  10. @Adam- Yeah, it’s a shame! I remember when I went on a vacation with my family we were privy to eating chocolate fresh off the line…all good things must come to an end, I suppose.

    @Lot-O-Choc- You’re lucky to have such a neat selection of products! I feel like the USA is really behind in innovation as far as chocolate is concerned.

  11. foodette, t’es geniale!
    De toute facon, Hershey, c’est la Prefontaine des chocolats, le K car des chocolats, le sams club des chocolats… sauf leur chocolat noir qui n’est pas degeulasse pour le prix.

    En tout cas, vive le chocolat,
    et vive Foodette Reviews!

  12. Aero is amazing. But if this tastes like Hershey’s crappy, throat burning chocolate, I’ll pas. Please just sell Aero here! Russia had some great aerated chocolate, too! It really does make a difference is texture, and it is completely fabulous.

  13. Tried an Air Delight bar yesterday as is visually resembled the Nestle Aero. Sadly, that’s where the similarities end. It still tastes like your standard Hershey’s bar. Aero is head and shoulders better than this imitation. Guess I’ll have to continue relying on imported Aero bars for my bubbly chocolate fix.

  14. I agree with the comment on 6/8. Nestle Aero bars are better. Hershey’s would step up it’s quality if Cadbury or Nestle were allowed to sell their candy here in the States.
    Gotta keep getting your fix by purchasing online or run for the Canadian border.

  15. FINALLY someone who thinks this idea is just as asinine as I think it is! No one else i know seems to get it. They all love the idea where as I think it’s a cheap and visible rip-off. What is wrong with the people I hang out with?!

  16. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion..if you dont like what he’s saying then stop reading it..there’s no point in being outright rude..

  17. If I wanted air, I would breathe in. I want chocolate & not something that barely tastes like chocolate. What a bad idea, Hershey. I love your other products but aerated chocolate–bad, bad idea. I predict it will not last long on the market

  18. i had hershey’s aero at the mall a few days ago. did not like it at all. it was more expensive than the other chocolates. luckily i had a free coupon. didn’t pay a penny thanks to cvs.

  19. Everyone, give a nice round of applause to the anonymous, whose edifying remark officially closed comments for this post! Too bad you guys couldn’t keep it civil.


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