Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

This is a snack that could, and did, survive our most recent (and possibly first ever) tornado. Look, we all know the commercials with the smooth talking genie who offers wishes and fiber and shit. I wasn’t initially sold because I like to think that I eat enough to warrant roughage and fiber (Robot Editor’s note: SENTENCE REDACTED. CLEANER JOKE IMPLEMENTATION IN SESSION.) Puppies and kittens aren’t as cute and as wonderful as this brownie! No poop jokes at all!Anyhow, Keepitcoming and I were in Target, or “Tar-Jay” for the ladies, when we saw these brownies. Quick side note. Have you ever been so hungry while in a grocery store that you’ve just grabbed a package and started eating out of it? I’ve never done it but I feel that it represents a darker side of humanity. A person can get away with a lot in a grocery store. In seedier areas, like when Swagger and I go to C-Town, it’s not unusual to find chip packages jammed in between boxes or spilled Oreos near the meat. Sometimes people bring cups from other places like 7-11 and just leave them on displays. And then we get it on a bigger scale, like with the creepy old videos of supermarket sweeps. Every contestant has the same zombified, singular minded gleam in their eye when they’re told they can essentially loot a store in ten minutes as they blindly flail their arms and knock 322 boxes of toothpaste into their cart just for the hell of it as Yanni’s “End of August” blares while stock boys weep.
Um. Brownies. Yeah. TL;DR, we ate these in the Dick’s Sporting Goods. After paying for them. And they were incredibly tasty. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this is one of the nicest, most developed flavors I’ve had in a snack that billed itself as healthy. While the bar is definitely much smaller than its packaging, it has a flavor and satisfyingly dense texture reminiscent of a really well-made snack cake.The flavor was extremely rich and chocolatey with a forward coffee flavor and scent. I checked the ingredients and, sure enough, chicory root extract, a natural substitute for coffee, was right on top. With companies and factories whose chief “homemade” taste comes from a blend of hydrogenated oils and sugars, seeing an ingredient my mom or I would use to boost the flavor in our own brownies was refreshing. The texture of the brownies was soft and chewy, much like an actual one.If I had any real criticisms for this particular variety, I’d have to say that the peanut butter definitely takes a back seat to the cocoa and coffee flavors. Calling this a mocha brownie would not be out of the question, but calling it peanut butter seems like a stretch as the chips and icing are somewhat overshadowed. Nevertheless, this makes a filling snack and blows other “diet” or low fat flavors out of the water. I was so impressed with these and hope that Fiber One continues to experiment with their varieties.

4 thoughts on “Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies”

  1. I picked these up on your rec, and I’m definitely a fan. My new favorite thing is to rip off pieces and roll them into little denser brownie balls. Mmmm brownie balls

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