Newman’s Own Organics Pomegranate Licorice Twists

People who legitimately enjoy Twizzlers are assholes. I mean, seriously. It has a slightly crumbly consistency and each bite is like chewing on a GI Joe. And don’t tell me you can use it as a straw. You can use leftover pieces of tin foil as straws, too, if you’re deluded enough. There are definitely certain candies that are on their way out. And by out, I mean Babe after James Cromwell pats him on the head and the credits start rolling. Gotta eat somehow. One of them is Twizzlers. And once that reign has ended, the licorice market will officially be closed.Newman’s Own Organics will change that if I have anything to do with it.NOO’s PR firm was happy to hook me up with some of these candies. (as well as many other goodies) And lately I’ve been staying up after work to watch Mrs. Beasley-centric episodes of Family Affair and cry. It’s obviously a sign of early menopause. While I’m watching, I need something to keep my hands and mouth busy. Obviously, adding oral sex into that equation would be far too strange for even me, so I turn to these licorice sticks as a means of distraction and complete satisfaction.This particular flavor is pomegranate. The fruit comes out delicately, but obvious, within the flavor and chew of the candy. It is lightly scented and immediately recognizable. As you chew on each piece, the flavor gets stronger, much like the sensation of chewing a piece of bubble gum without the eventual tapering off. The chew of this candy is what really hooked me. I don’t like foods whose textures border on plastic. This is a very toothsome chew and reminded me more of gummy bears than licorice. Combined with the sophistication in the flavor, which has orange nuances as well as a bold pomegranate flavor, this marks it as one of my favorite fruity candies. Be warned, the trade off in having all organic ingredients is an almost Spidey sense-like sense to detect the wheat flour in a somewhat pasty afterthought of a texture. But you get used to it.Its ability to serve as a cocktail or drink straw just speaks to how freaking awesome it is. Its best pairing is clearly cranberry juice and seltzer. Cheers to Newman’s Own Organics and cheers to this incredibly versatile, quality confection.

One thought on “Newman’s Own Organics Pomegranate Licorice Twists”

  1. I found these way too tough to chew. I’m not much of a beverage person, so the straw solution wasn’t something I could really do with them. I still haven’t tried the black licorice one though.

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