Free Freschetta By the Slice Event

Frozen pizza lovers, this is your wheelhouse, baby. On August 4th, Freschetta Fresh Connection is having a fairly massive giveaway consisting of 5,000 coupons for a free By the Slice product (MSRP $2.39) every half hour for the day, starting at 11 AM when the giveaway’s website,, launches. That gives you the potential to snag one of over 50,000 slices of free frozen pizza. If one slice isn’t enough, Freschetta is also holding contests throughout the day with more coupons for prizes. It’s like a food festival for neckbeards. Not a bad giveaway, if you ask me.

While the coupon is mailed rather than sent electronically, you can satisfy your frozen pizza cravings by seeing what I thought of the pizza here. It wasn’t necessarily the Cadillac of pizza, but I’ll probably grab a few coupons for those late nights studying.

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