Grilled Sweet Polenta and Balsamic Vinegar and Honey Nectarines

Unfortunately, I’ve had a busy night, so I’m bringing you another set of photos from tonight’s grilling session. New reviews will be up starting tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!
In addition to your nightly food porn, I wish to reiterate that this website, although I love it so, is not a democracy. It is a ruthless dictatorship using sarcasm and sex as weapons, a kind mistress, if you will. This, of course, means that comments should and will be civil. I have had to close comments on one particular entry as a result of all the spammity spam emanating from its bowels. Remember, guys. I don’t really care if you’re butthurt, especially when it’s in defense of a multi-billion dollar corporation. I’m not here to make you happy. I’m here to write about things I love and, more often than not, things I hate. I suggest you hate them with me or visit a more appropriate, friendlier website like NAMBLA or forums about conspiracy theories and aliens.
And lo, I bring you nectarines. I enjoyed this recipe for its mingling of flavors, but found the polenta remarkably difficult to grill even when coated in fine sugar like an upside-down crème brûlée. Next time, I would make thicker cubes or pan-fry it à la French toast.

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