Wheat Thins Smoky Barbecue

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Wheat Thins are the leather-jacketed Milhouse van Houten of the snack food world. If Chester the Cheetah’s smug grin embodies the malice of a well-executed Bart Simpson prank, and Smartfood is the snack of choice for Lisa, Wheat Thins just get carried along with the excitement. But not any more, according to a gorgeous hand-written love note I received with my samples. Wheat Thins aren’t going to take it sitting down any more.

The new Wheat Thins Smoky Barbecue flavor, or Smoky Barbecue Wheat Thins if you’re teaching the basic rules of grammar, boast a “subtle zest” and whole-grain wholesome composition. Well, call me Pollyanna and buy me a Harley. We got us an oxymoron up in here. Health? Barbecue? Isn’t Mississippi, the queen of barbecue, the fattest state in the USA?
That’s not to say that the flavors don’t work well, though. What’s obnoxious about barbecue-flavored snacks is tempered down and savory here, with a flavorful, albeit somewhat tame smoky flavor, and what’s dry and bland about healthy snacks is accentuated. Speaking from the perspective of someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy wheat or barbecue, I was in a risky demographic. Surprisingly, I really liked the flavor of these, especially how prominent the honey flavor of the Wheat Thins was when paired with the barbecue.
While I haven’t tried these with many toppings, I did try them with a hot salsa, hummus, and a dab of hot sauce. All three accentuated the flavors and blended well. These would make really tasty appetizers and might even work well as a crushed-up breading on chicken. I never resist the opportunity to barbecue while I barbecue. We ended up just eating them straight out of the box, but were pleased with the flavor combinations. This is one of the tastiest permutations of barbecue I’ve eaten. Although I’m not a huge fan of the flavor, I’m definitely a convert to these.

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